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Past RodnGun.com Polls

Past Poll QuestionsPoll
5/31/2007How do you feel about your Cingular / AT&T Cell Phone service, in light of their commercial... "Least Number of Dropped Calls"659
5/21/2006Will you vote for Governor Blanco if she does not Veto Open Loop LNG facilities?587
4/20/2006Are you counting on Governor Blanco keeping her word and vetoing all Open Loop LNG projects?433
3/12/2006Which Louisiana statewide Trout limit would you "vote" for?1702
12/9/2005How have you found the fishing after Hurricane Katrina735
6/12/2005In the Louisiana elections, will you vote for any candidate that DOES NOT officially, and with great conviction, take a stand, both written and orally, against ALL future Open Loop LNG Facilities off of the coast of Louisiana?407
5/22/2005In the next Louisiana Gubernatorial Election, will you vote for Governor Blanco if she does not veto future Open Loop LNG Facilities off of the coast of Louisiana?800
4/24/2005Governor Blanco has Veto Power on Upcoming Open Loop LNG Facilities that are adjacent to Louisiana. Which action do you think she should take? If you want to read about this situation go to RodnReel.com/LNG.992
3/13/2005The RodnReel staff has picked the finalists for the "Name The Crawfish" Contest. Click here to view the Cawfish. You get to pick the winner. Please pick your favorite now! 2134
2/13/2005The RodnReel staff has picked the finalists for the "Name The Gator Contest". Click here to view the Gator. You get to pick the winner. Please pick your favorite now!653
9/7/2004Which fish would you rather catch?1324
8/22/2004How many fishing tournaments/rodeos did you fish this year?455
8/8/2004What is your favorite offshore cooked fish to eat?1168
7/16/2004What is your favorite color jig head?1048
6/16/2004Why fishing is better than sex...575
5/4/2004How long does your spouse allow you to fish on any given day?855
3/24/2004Where do you obtain your fishing & hunting news?517
3/1/2004How do you get to Rodnreel.com / Rodngun.com?452
2/16/2004In what area do you live?2261
11/27/2002Lets talk fishing maps…223
11/20/2002How often do you visit RodnReel.com / Rodngun.com?369
11/13/2002Into what age bracket do you belong?631
11/6/2002Sex? (Yes or No is not a valid answer)350
10/30/2002If Rodnreel.com were to arrange international group fishing or hunting trips, would you be interested?243
10/23/2002How did you find the fishing after the 2 storms, Isidore and Lili?213
10/16/2002Which hurricane was worse for you?264
10/9/2002Where do you live?905
5/19/2002How do you feel this year's fishing season is going to turn out?2
5/19/2002How often do you take a kid fishing?473
3/17/2002Have you ever participated in a dockside catch survey? Please comment or make suggestions on the Sportsmen's Forum.548
2/24/2002Would you be in favor of state-mandated boater safety courses for Louisiana?1287
2/10/2002How would you rate the 2001/2002 Deer season?522
1/27/2002Do you wear your PFD and connect the motor kill disconnect switch while operating your boat?469
1/20/2002Do you think that color matters when fishing with soft plastic artificial lures?475
1/13/2002How did you first hear about RodnReel / RodnGun?545
12/30/2001How much did you spend on hunting and/or fishing during 2001?320
12/23/2001How many fishing or hunting trips do you plan on making from now until the first of next year?302
11/18/2001How often do you visit RodnReel.com / Rodngun.com?782
11/4/2001Where do you live?986
10/21/2001How would you rate the 2001Teal Season.353
7/15/2001Would you support an initiative to direct the fuel taxes placed on fuel dispensed at marinas in Louisiana to go to the Wildlife and Fisheries Fund instead of the Highway Fund?936
6/17/2001Do you plan on taking a "Fishing Vacation" this year?571
5/27/2001Do you believe that gill nets should be allowed over oyster beds in order to "protect" the oyster beds from Black Drum?1016
5/13/2001Do you believe the Louisiana limits on Redfish should be raised from 5 to 8?1242
4/29/2001When fishing for Speckled Trout, what percentage of the time does everyone on the boat get a full limit of trout?806
4/15/2001Do you believe Speckled Trout should be given Gamefish Status?546
3/11/2001What is your favorite topwater lure for Trout this time of year?433
3/4/2001What is the best season to fish for BIG Speckled Trout?428
2/25/2001While fishing for trout in the cold of winter, do you think that color matters when using artificials?383
2/18/2001These reels vary between $45 and $150. Taking into account the price of each, which one to you like the best? Click Here for prices or to purchase from Bayou Specialties.442
2/4/2001Which cellphone company gives you the best service in the coastal areas of southern Louisiana (without roaming)?338
12/24/2000What is your favorite shotgun manufacturer?430
12/10/2000Are you a member of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA)?269
12/3/2000Are you a member of the NRA?390
11/26/2000Are you a member of CCA?314
11/19/2000Are you a member of Ducks Unlimited?427
11/12/2000Are you registered to vote?398
11/5/2000Which presidential candidate would you like to see win the election?653
10/29/2000Do you feel the current Louisiana size and quantity limits on Redfish:457
10/22/2000When going fishing or hunting, what type of vehicle do you drive?566
10/15/2000Which political party do you think best supports the interests of the outdoor sportsman?506
10/1/2000Do you feel the current Teal Season in LA has been ...250
9/24/2000What is your favorite brand of electric knife?918
9/10/2000How would you rate fishing this summer?747
9/3/2000With alligator season now open in Louisiana, do you plan on participating in an alligator hunt?565
8/27/2000Do you feel Long Lining should be banned in favor of Commercial Fishing with a Rod and Reel?881
8/20/2000The Thursday night edition of the "Outdoors with Don Dubuc Show" currently runs for one hour from 9-10 PM. In reference to the length of his show, would you like to see it:438
8/13/2000Do you think LA should reduce or rescind the out of state license increases to prevent a fee increase war with MS and other nearby states?1133
8/6/2000Did you participate in the 2000 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo?607
7/23/2000What do you use to prevent seasickness?884
7/16/2000What is your favorite bait to catch Red Snapper?777
7/9/2000What is your favorite area of RodnReel.com?807
7/2/2000Which outboard manufacturer is the most reliable?1389
6/25/2000From your experience, do you think fishing gets better just after a rain storm has passed?749
6/18/2000How much do you spend yearly on saltwater fishing, not including major purchases like boats, motors, and trailers?871
6/11/2000How many times have you hired a fishing guide?1003
6/4/2000What size outboard motor do you have on your boat?1222
5/28/2000What size boat do you use?1238
5/21/2000Do you favor stricter gun control?1201
5/14/2000What is the largest Redfish you've ever caught with a rod and reel (scale weighed - no fishtales!).989
5/7/2000What is the largest Speckled Trout you have ever caught with a rod and reel (scale weighed).988
4/30/2000When using a guide for a chartered fishing trip, do you think the guide should fish?906
4/23/2000How long have you been fishing?1004
4/16/2000Do you practice Catch & Release?737
4/9/2000How many days do you fish per year?839
4/2/2000Into what age bracket do you belong?1244
3/26/2000Do you belong to a fishing, hunting, or diving club?767
3/19/2000How do you connect to the internet and at what speed?625
3/12/2000How often do you visit RodnReel.com?934
3/5/2000Rate the RodnReel.com Free Classifieds455
2/27/2000What type of GPS do you use?811
2/20/2000What is your favorite brand of outboard motor?1273
2/13/2000What's your opinion on the proposed LA fishing and hunting license fee increase?743
2/6/2000Do you think the recreational Red Snapper season is:548
1/30/2000Where do you live?1634
1/16/2000Many people predicted a record winter Speckled Trout season for Louisiana this year with more and larger fish being caught. What do you think? How does this year's winter Trout fishing in Louisiana compare to last?497
1/9/2000If you could choose only one cold weather artificial bait, which would you choose?825
1/2/2000Do you believe that the Louisiana size limits on Speckled Trout - 25 over 12 inches are:811
12/27/1999Did you go fishing and/or hunting on Christmas Day?122
12/26/1999Lets talk fishing maps…438
12/19/1999What is your favorite kind of fishing?1023

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