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13ft2inch Great Hammerhead Shark
Submitted by: SCOTT BROWN on 7/13/2016
Picture ID: 152439



Hello ,my name is Scott Brown I'm from Wentzville Mo, and on 06/23/16 in Cape San Blas FL. I caught a 13ft 2inch Great Hammerhead Shark on rod and reel from the beach. The conditions were very calm that day which allowed me to take out my bait (a 1.5 ft long Ladyfish) approximately 450 yardsoffshore.My reel is a Penn Senator 14 loaded with heavy mono and braid with a 650 lb leader.I paddled back into the beach and waited for the excitement. After about 30 mins the line began coming off my reel faster than I had ever seen.I grabbed the rod and reel ,dialed in my drag  on full ,and the line just kept spinning off.The line and reel began to actually get so hot I had to pour water on both .When I poured the water on them they both sizzled like bacon.It was all I could to just to hold onto the rod, it felt like I hooked a freight train.The battle lasted 4 hrs with this massive beast.When I finally got him close to shore and that dorsal fin stuck out of the water, it was an  amazing site.The shark and myself were both exhausted.Special thanks to Terry Gress (Fort Mill SC)  Raymond Gress (Grafton IL) and Nicholas Brown (Wentzville MO.With their help we were able to land , tag with NOAA tag, revive and release this magnificent shark unharmed. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy NoteŽ II, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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